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Malawi Traditional 1-seater - Leather Trim - Black

Malawi Traditional 1-seater - Leather Trim - Black

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This newest Malawi Cane design is all that and more. The Traditional Malawi Chair is now available with exquisite hand-stitched leather trim, creating a look that exudes elegance and luxury.

This elevated, refined design is also practical - the leather is comfortable, durable and easy to maintain. The leather has been ethically sourced as a byproduct, then tanned before being hand-cut and meticulously stitched by artisans. It’s soft, sumptuous and completely gorgeous.

Dimensions (as a guide – remember no two chairs are the same!):
Depth 60cm | Width 75cm | Height 85cm | Weight 7kg 
Floor to the seat height where someone sits is roughly 43cm.

Care Guide:

Whether your Malawi Cane piece is kept indoors or outdoor under cover, it is important that it is well-aired. Regularly cleaning your cane furniture is also an important and easy part of looking after your product. Dust and dirt can build up within the weave due to the nature of the high-quality, tight weave technique. Build up of dust and/or moisture will lead to mould on any natural fibre.

Dust Regularly

Dust with a soft cloth and soft-bristle brush, a toothbrush is great for getting the harder-to-reach spots. A quick vacuum with with the small brush attachment is also recommended if you're short on time. Ensure all surface areas are cleaned including the underside of your furniture.  

Spots & Spills

Spills should be wiped off with a damp soapy cloth. Then placed in the sun to ensure any dampness dries out completely. If you have a trickier stain, softly sand back the area using 240-grit sandpaper.


Some furniture can form a residue over time, particularly those living coastal or in high humid regions. Iron oxide stains in wood are usually dark spots caused by prolonged exposure to water and/or metal. The iron oxide reacts with the tannins in the wood and stains it black. The best way to restore this would be to use Oxalic Acid, which can be purchased from any hardware store. Simply dissolve in water and brush the affected area. Place in the sun to dry and revarnish (if your product was varnished).

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