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Laura Jankelson

Laura Jankelson "Naked Raku Night Sky " Vessel

Laura Jankelson "Naked Raku Night Sky " Vessel

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"Naked Raku Night Sky"

H: 250 W: 110

Raku Clay with glaze 

The process: 

Raku firing is a traditional Japanese pottery technique that originated in the 16th Century. It is known for its unpredictability and unique result. 

Firing Raku pottery involves quickly cooling pieces in an oxygen-deprived chamber with combustible materials, creating crackled glaze and unique colors. Firing without glaze can result in a matte-black finish. Each time this process is done, a one-of-a-kind design is guaranteed as seen in Lauras collection. 

Laura Jankelson is a Sydney based Ceramist specialising in hand building clay sculptures. Every piece is one of a kind and represents Lauras expertise knowledge and skill pottery techniques that date back to the 16th Century. 

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