The Bridge Dining Table by HK Edit x The Wood Room

Designing The Bridge Dining Table

When Simon Plowman from The Wood Room asked me to design a dining table - I agreed in a moment of madness!  If you consider that tables have been designed and made since we lived in caves - to design an original one was a huge challenge.

Basically you have to clear your visual brain of all the table designs you’ve stored up there!!  Of course you have to reference basic table designs - four legs or pedestals to support the top - are the starter.  I did many sketches, but none of these satisfied the originality test!  

One morning on my early walk down to Blues Point Reserve in McMahons Point, the sun was rising behind the harbour bridge.  It was one of those beautiful clear days.  I had a lightbulb moment - the shape of the bridge and the supporting pylons became the inspiration for the Bridge Table

Based on that simple idea and shape, I sketched it, then Kristie Nixon in our studio developed a 3D model, from which The Wood Room made the first prototype.  The next test - on originality - was passed when the design was registered.  

The Wood Room have interpreted the design elegantly, particularly the complex interlinked joints in the leg construction.  

The Bridge Table is available from HK Edit in various lengths, from 2.4 - 3.2 metres and in a variety of finishes.

On a side note, it is not suitable for playing Bridge!!!!

Photos by Pablo Veiga

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